Deciding to have your wedding during the winter is doable. Not only is it the perfect way to garb on a gorgeous winter wedding dress but your guests can also have fun with their attires. Seasonal weddings are a fun way to inject personality and attitude to the whole theme of your big day. Here are great tips to remember when planning your winter wedding.

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Do experiment with colors.

Don’t feel like you should stick to creams, grays, and rich reds just to be able to accommodate the season. It is exciting to mix things up a little bit. Your wedding should be a day where you feel happy and satisfied with everything happening. Your own color palette should be followed without having the need to stick to traditional winter wedding colors.

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Do keep in mind the ice and snow during your big day.

Look for shoes that will go well with the surroundings and will not be a cause of hazard for you and your bridesmaids. It is necessary to remember that picking out a dress and shoes for your winter wedding should go well with the location and color scheme. If most of your wedding ceremony or reception will be happening in a location where most of the ground is dry and flat then it is okay to wear that beautiful stiletto shoes you have been after. But you should think twice if you know you will be walking on snow.

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Don’t be restricted by certain fabric and material type when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids.

A winter wedding does not have to be the reason why you cannot have freedom in choosing the dresses you want your entourage to wear. Keep in mind that they will get cold so have them wear a nice thick coat or fur jackets when necessary. Do not let your entourage freeze during the wedding day.

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Do make your wedding venue nice and cozy.

This includes making the reception a winter wonderland of weddings. Candles can create a nice romantic glow just as the sun is setting. Velvet textures and soft pillows can create a warm and calm atmosphere. Keep that fire burning all night or as long as necessary. If there is a thermostat available at the reception, make sure that your wedding planner monitors it according to the needs of the guests. Once your guests start dancing on the dance floor, the temperature can heat up pretty quick.

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Don’t let your guests freeze outside.

Once they have arrived at the reception, make sure hot drinks or warm snacks are offered right away. This can add to the cozy and warm vibes that you want for your reception and program. It is always a good idea to keep these logistics in mind so that your guests can have plenty of fun during your big day. Winter weddings are definitely fun to plan but it is important that the planners are always one step ahead of the needs of everyone.

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By Ady Banico

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